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Navel Rings
 14k Gold Navel Rings
 Acrylic Navel Rings
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Piercing Jewelry Types
 Belly Button Rings
 Captive Bead Rings
 Circular Barbells
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 Internally Threaded Jewelry
 Large gauge
 Nipple Rings / Shields / Barbells
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 Stainless Steel
 UV Piercing Jewelry

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Here you can make the first step in the choice of body piercing jewelry depending on the material. We offer you steel jewelry in which 316L surgical stainless steel is used, nickel-free 14k gold piercing jewelry, non-allergic and lightweight titanium jewelry which is also available in anodized variant, dental grade acrylic in all imaginable colors, lovely organic jewelry including horn, bone, wood, coconut, mother of pearl, etc., brilliant gold jewelry and gold plated jewelry as an alternative, elegant sterling silver piercing jewelry and autoclavable and flexible PTFE jewelry at the lowest prices. Our body piercing jewelry is durable and up-to-date. You'll enjoy its high style and unique designs!

Please select from one of the following 11 categories:

14k Real solid gold
14k Real Gold
925 Sterling Silver Piercing Jewelry
925 Sterling Silver
Acrylic Piercing Jewelry
Glow in the dark Piercing Jewelry
Glow in the dark
Gold plated jewelry
Gold plated jewelry
Organic jewelry
Organic jewelry
PTFE material
PTFE material
PVD, Black Line, Physical Vapour Deposition
PVD, Black Line
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Titanium Grade 5 Body Jewelry
UV, Ultra Violet Piercing Rings and Jewelry
UV Piercing Jewelry

Places On Body
 Ear Piercing  Eyebrow piercing  Female piercing  Industrial piercing
 Lip piercing  Male piercing  Monroe piercing  Navel Piercing
 Nipple piercing  Nose piercing  Septum piercing  Tongue piercing